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Check Out These Great Add-on Services for Your Dogville Daycare Package!

Did you know that we have great add-on services for your Dogville Daycare package? Among them are:

The DAYCARE FUN PHOTO for $10.00 – you will get a fun photo of your dog from their day at daycare. They might be playing with other dogs, aboard the pirate ship, in the ball pit, wearing a funny costume or interacting with balls or toys. We can send the photo to you by text or email and/or print out a copy for your refrigerator!

We also have the DAYCARE INDIVIDUAL FETCH AND PLAYTIME for $9.00 – This includes a 15-20 minute session where a daycare leader will play specifically with your dog either outside in the play yard or in a daycare room during a half day or full day of daycare. This includes playing fetch, frisbee, tug of war, playing in the pool, chasing bubbles or other interactive games.

To learn more about these and our add-on packages, just call us at (918) 949-6070 or email us at



Delana Taylor McNac, DVM
Dogville Daycare & Boarding and Kitty City

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