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Happy 4th Of July!

We wish everyone a safe and Happy Independence Day! Please, remember that fireworks can cause extreme stress in some of our fur-kids. At home, we might opt out of fireworks but our neighbors are a different story. Here is a helpful article from CNET along those lines. If you have any tips to add, please do in the comments. Again, Happy Independence Day!

Important Vaccination Update for Dogville

Starting July 1, 2018 (with a grace period of up to July 16) we will be requiring that the first dose of the bivalent canine influenza vaccine be completed before boarding and attending daycare at Dogville. This is not due to an outbreak, but out of an abundance of caution. Please understand that I do not make this decision lightly—I understand the additional cost to owners and the fear of over vaccination, but our senior and special needs population are at a higher risk of complications from the disease and it continues to spread across the country.  Other practices in the area are now requiring influenza vaccination for boarding, so we are not the first to do so, and we believe that vaccinating now will help us keep our doors open and your travel plans safe in the event of an outbreak in Oklahoma. Please note, in order for your dog(s) to be fully protected from exposure, two shots are required along with a two week waiting period after the second shot—HOWEVER, we are only requiring the first shot in the series be completed by July 16 for boarding or daycare. You will be responsible for completing the second shot in the series per your veterinarian’s guidelines—a single vaccination will not be adequate for boarding later in the year.  If you have a dog that cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons only, please have your veterinarian provide us with a vaccine waiver for our records.

For more information about canine influenza, please visit the website There is a wealth of information on this site and I strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the disease and its symptoms. Please note that the outbreak map on this site includes Oklahoma, but at this time, only one laboratory confirmed sample has been identified. As of this date, there are no outbreaks in Oklahoma to my knowledge.

Delana Taylor McNac, DVM, Owner/Manager
Dogville Daycare & Boarding
9525 E. 47th Place
Tulsa, OK 74145
(918) 949-6070

Pup-Photo: “Hump Day Race Through The Yard!”

Dosa, Remington, and Ella are flying through the air because it’s #humpday ! But don’t fret Dogville Daycare is still open 6 days a week and Dogville Boarding is open all 7 days! Our hours at Daycare and Boarding are M-F 7am-7pm and Sat 8am-5pm
Sunday hours at Boarding are 1pm-6pm!

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Jack Black McNac & The Holland Hall’s Camp Kindness Kids!

Today at Dogville Daycare and Kitty City, we had the opportunity to work with the kids from Holland Hall’s Camp Kindness! They sorted and helped us clean dog toys, took a tour and spent time learning about how dogs manage the heat and proper bathing techniques. Our Dogville Therapy Dog, Jack Black McNac, greeted each kid and then laid down in the midst of them for a goodbye massage! (I promise, Jack wasn’t stressed at all, he was eating this UP! LOL)

Check Out These Great Add-on Services for Your Dogville Daycare Package!

Did you know that we have great add-on services for your Dogville Daycare package? Among them are:

The DAYCARE FUN PHOTO for $10.00 – you will get a fun photo of your dog from their day at daycare. They might be playing with other dogs, aboard the pirate ship, in the ball pit, wearing a funny costume or interacting with balls or toys. We can send the photo to you by text or email and/or print out a copy for your refrigerator!

We also have the DAYCARE INDIVIDUAL FETCH AND PLAYTIME for $9.00 – This includes a 15-20 minute session where a daycare leader will play specifically with your dog either outside in the play yard or in a daycare room during a half day or full day of daycare. This includes playing fetch, frisbee, tug of war, playing in the pool, chasing bubbles or other interactive games.

To learn more about these and our add-on packages, just call us at (918) 949-6070 or email us at



Delana Taylor McNac, DVM
Dogville Daycare & Boarding and Kitty City

Pup-Photo: “Sail The 7 Seas… in Our Back Yard!”

Does your dog dream of sailing the seven seas? At Dogville they can! We have a pirate play ship right in the middle of our 1/2 acre sea of grass! Dogs of all size love to climb, slide, and look out across the grassy horizon on the No Cats Allowed pirate ship!

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Pup-Photo: “Hermione Is Ready For The Slumber Party!”

Miss Hermione loves hanging out on our Dogville Beds! They’re twin sized at daycare and full sized at boarding and offer maximum comfort! Your pup has the option at both daycare and boarding to be in the rooms that have these super comfy beds! Call us at (918)949-6070 to ask about our slumber party boarding room and daily daycare rates! ❤🐶

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