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7 Most Common Dog Grooming Questions

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Today we wanted to highlight an article that every dog owner could benefit from. It is 7 Most Common Dog Grooming Questions and here is the intro:

“In a perfect world, your dog’s coat would always be silky, shiny, clean and fresh, and not shed — too much. But his tresses usually don’t stay that way on their own. You’ll need to put in a little work to make his coat the best that it can be. And, yes, that means you need to groom him at home or take him to a professional groomer. If the idea of regularly brushing or bathing your pup’s coat makes you — or your dog — anxious and flummoxed, don’t worry. We’ve got the answers to your most frequently asked dog-grooming questions.”

Click here to read more about:

* How can I soothe my god’s grooming anxiety?
* How can I keep my dog’s fur under control?
* Do I need to brush my long-haired dog’s coat?
* How can I help my dog enjoy bath time?
* Why does my dog get stains under the eyes, and how can I get rid of those stains?
* Is it safe to blow-dry my dog?
* Can I teach my dog to let me trim her nails?

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