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Dog Boarding Pricing

Regular Dog Daycare Prices

  • Daycare by the hour: 1–4 hours……. $4.00 per hour
  • Half day (4–6 hours)…………………..$15.00 per day
  • Full day (7 hours or more)…………….$25.00 per day
  • Multiple dog discount…..2nd dog 15% off regular price, 3rd dog 25% off regular price

Requirements for Owners

Each owner must complete an online daycare application or you can download the daycare application and bring the completed form into Dogville. All owners must submit a copy of current vaccinations (FAQ about vaccinations) prior to first day of daycare.

Requirements for Dogs

Canine guests must complete a temperament test at Dogville (included in the cost of the first full day of daycare) in order to participate in group play.

Dog Daycare Packages

*packages are valid for 90 days after purchase*

Daycare package – 5 days

  • Full day daycare…………………..$115 ($23/day)
  • Half day daycare………………….$67.50 ($13.50 per half day)

Daycare package – 10 days

  • Full day daycare…………………..$205 ($20.50/day)
  • Half day daycare………………….$120 ($12.00/half day)

Daycare package – 30 day

  • Full day daycare only…………….$525 ($17.50/day)

Daycare packages may be shared by multiple dogs in the same family. 5 and 10 day packages expire in 90 days from purchase. 30 day packages expire six months from date of purchase. Packages are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Dog Boarding Prices (All Suite)

All inclusive pricing includes:

  • Group play in daycare or individual play/exercise
  • Administration of any and all medication
  • Use of owner’s own food
  • Daily text messages with photo updates
  • A free bath if your dog stays 5 or more nights*
 1 Dog2nd Dog3rd Dog
1-6 Nights$41.50$35.27$31.15
7-13 Nights$39.50$33.58$29.63
14-20 Nights$36.50$31.03$27.38

Ask about our 30-day boarding packages!

(Dogville staff members are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dogs that stay 5 or more nights receive a free bath on the day they check out)

*Dogs must be able to stay in the same boarding suite in order to receive discount

Requirements for Owners

Each owner must submit a copy of current vaccinations prior to first day of boarding.

Requirements for Dogs

Prices include exercise for boarding dogs. Canine guests must complete a free temperament test during their stay in order to participate in daycare/group play during the day. Individual exercise and play will be substituted for group play if necessary.

Slumber Party Boarding

Dogs must be compatible with others & be temperament tested prior to participating in slumber party boarding

 1 Dog2nd Dog3rd Dog
1-6 Nights$45.00$38.25$33.75
7-13 Nights$42.00$35.70$31.50
14-20 Nights$39.50$33.58$25.10

Comfort Care Daycare & Boarding

Need to know more about our Comfort Care Boarding or Comfort Care Daycare? Click here for more information about our comfort care service.

Contact us for eligibility and pricing

Our rates start at $40 for full day daycare and $45 per night for comfort care dog boarding.

Other services

Dogville Bathing Services

(Includes nail trim and anal glands)

Board 5 or more nights and a bath is free-

  • Up to 25 lbs: $30.00
  • Dogs 26-50 pounds: $35.00
  • Dogs 51-80 pounds: $40.00
  • Dogs over 80 pounds: $45.00
  • Nail trim and filing: $13.00

PLEASE NOTE: Owners with dogs with extensive matting or needing additional brush out prior to bathing may incur additional costs.

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