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3 Life Lessons We Could All Learn From Eddie the Terrible’s Adoption Transformation


The amazing power of love can transform hearts; including the hearts of our fur-kids of course. Check out this amazing story:

“The media kerfluffle over Teddy not only generated a lot of interest in adopting him but initiated a larger conversation about how we talk and think about homeless pets.

The biggest thing we heard from the public after posting Teddy? “He’s just like my dog!” It was the most common comment on our Facebook and blog for weeks after all of his media stardom. We even heard from other shelters that were marketing their longer term pets with a warts-and-all approach and a pinch of humor. And the other shelters were watching those pets go home.

The moral of the story? People are good. Teddy might not always be, but people in general are.”

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Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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