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Helping Your Dog Cross the Bridge: How to Assess Your Dog’s Quality of Life

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It can be difficult when our fur-kids get in their latter years to know what they need. We love them and want to help them have the longest and best quality of life before passing over the rainbow bridge.  With that in mind, this article is so important. From the intro:

“Society accepts that humane euthanasia (well death) for companion animals is indeed the best option when quality of life (QoL) is lost and the best way to mercifully end pointless suffering. This viewpoint may have served the veterinary profession and society adequately in the past. But today, pet lovers want more options when their pets are aging or are diagnosed with life-limiting disease or cancer. Modern pain management, high tech medicine, and good nursing care can restore and maintain QoL for longer periods. Caregivers want to extend the timeline between the diagnosis of a terminal disease and death for their companion animals.”

Click here to read the article, and download the QoL (Quality of Life) Assessment Scale. The article also talks about respecting needs and desires, hospitalization, pain assessment, nutrition and appetite, mental well-being, and a framework for ethical decision making.

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