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Dog Daycare

We believe that lots of exercise and healthy social interaction are the keys to a happy dog. At our dog daycare facility, our indoor play areas are spacious and our outside play area is over one half acre in size. We call it our “mini dog-park” because it allows our canine guests room to run and play.

Tulsa Dog Daycare

Red Long-Haired Dachshund Above a Blank SignWhen dogs are puppies, they learn from their mother and littermates the rules of proper behavior, sharing and orderly ways of doing things. Puppies, however, don’t have the benefit of staying in their canine family for long. Once they join a human family, the rules about behavior change and their natural ways of communication can get lost along the way. Just like children, dogs need the companionship and friendship of others of their kind. Dog daycare provides them with the opportunity to re-learn social skills and to get the play and exercise they need to stimulate their minds and bodies in positive, healthy ways in a controlled environment. Even senior dogs benefit from the presence of others of their kind whether they participate in actual play or not.

Each playgroup leader takes the time to get to know each and every dog in our groups while visiting our dog daycare center, in order to make sure your best friend gets the exercise and attention they need to enjoy their stay with us. All dogs are temperament tested before admission to a group.  After completing a temperament test, dogs are matched to size and play style. We love our guests and do all we can to treat them the same way we treat our own.

Dog Daycare Requirements

  • Owners must fill out our Dog Daycare Application Online, or download application 
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered
  • All canine guest must be at least six months of age
  • Current vaccinations are a necessity to ensure a disease free environment
  • Up to date vaccinations must include: distemper, parvo, rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • All daycare dogs must undergo a temperament test by Dogville staff on their first day of daycare (included in cost)

Pricing for Dog Daycare

  • 1-4 hours: $4.00/hour
  • Half day (4-6 hours): $15.00/day
  • Full Day (7 hours or more): $25.00/day
  • Daycare packages are also available (see Pricing or Click Here for Pricing!)

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    As we approach Dogville’s 5th anniversary this Saturday, we have to say bon voyage to one of our most beloved friends, Boris the bulldog. Boris first came to stay with us the January after we opened on December 16th and he stayed with us for 4 whole weeks. We had a great time getting to know him then and each Read More →

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