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Dogville Partnering with Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma Senior Program

BTs sleepingSo, I have a confession to make, Dogville family. For some time now, I have been quietly supporting Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma by providing occasional senior rescue dogs a place to stay while they are vetted. The dogs live in a small community where they learn to socialize and feel safe with other dogs and we get a chance to know who they are and help find the best kind of adoptive home for them. Some are senior strays, some have been turned out by a breeder after they are used up, some have been put on Craigslist as seniors, some have been sent to a shelter. Some of these dogs come to us heart worm positive, with terrible teeth, some with serious heart murmurs, some blind or deaf or with cancer and some have so many health or behavioral issues they aren’t suitable for adoption. In those instances, Dogville is their forever home. Obviously, we are limited in the number we can house (10 total) and at no time will this group of dogs affect boarding or daycare space for your dogs—we use my office or the senior room at the daycare to house them when things get crazy.

All of this to let you know that Dogville will now officially be part of the Boston Terrier Rescue of Oklahoma Senior Program. Their 501c.3 nonprofit status will allow us to recruit volunteers to help with the Bostons and we will be accepting donations to help with the astronomical veterinary costs for these seniors. All of you know how passionate I am about senior dogs and special needs dogs and I want to invite you to help make a difference in the lives of these lovable dogs. If you can volunteer your time, make a donation or provide a forever home, please let me know and I can tell you next steps. I will be featuring some of them on our Facebook page so you can follow their stories and their progress here. Lastly, I want to answer a couple of questions that some of you might be asking. Why one breed? Why Boston Terriers? Some of you may remember Suki, a Senior BT that I adopted after she was a foster here right after we opened Dogville. Suki was a special, wonderful dog and she made a difference in my life. I want to continue to work with the breed as a way to honor her memory. Another reason I am limiting it to one breed is because I would soon be overwhelmed if I cared for every senior dog with a need—I just don’t have the room or the resources to do more, or believe me, I would. There is enough need for this one popular breed that I know from experience we will have our hands full.

Stay tuned!!


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Compassionate care for pets: Why some animal lovers are turning to hospice

ck dog hospice older

This is such a difficult topic but an important one to consider. Remember, Dogville has a tremendous heart for senior dogs and will go above and beyond to accommodate their needs. We are here to help. From the article:

“Usually provided at home in the time before euthanasia or death, pet hospice is a practice that proponents say has just as much to do with the bond between animal and human as the animal’s health. Though pet owners and veterinarians have long been caring for pets at the end of their lives — even if the practice wasn’t then called “hospice” — the field has gained more acceptance in recent years.

While some may think pet hospice is more of a comfort to pet owners than the actual pet — one with an especially hefty price tag for those who have already pursued other treatment — others consider it the best way to part with a beloved companion.”

The article contains more helpful information and insights. Click there to read the rest.

Pup-Photo: Sweet Millie

Sweet Millie sleeping at one point during her first stay with us. She’s a shy girl, but we gave her lots of love and attention so she would remember us. Here she is, resting on her turtle.


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Dog Dental Care Is Important In More Ways Than One


Here is an important article on why your pet’s dental care is incredibly important.  From CBS News, “Why Dogs And Cats Need Dental Care, Sometimes Even Braces” …

“Dental care isn’t just for humans. Dogs and cats need it too.

“Taking care of our pets’ teeth doesn’t only make them smell better but it contributes to a longer, healthier life,” Dr. Dan Carmichael, a veterinary dentist at Animal Medical Center in New York City, told CBS News. 

“Not only can dental problems cause pets to have oral pain and infection, but the bacteria from oral disease can spread through the bloodstream to the vital organs,” he explained.”

Click here to read the full article and watch the accompanying video.