Back when Dogville was just an idea, I had to think through a lot of things before starting a new daycare and boarding business. I remember laying on my couch at home one cold and rainy Saturday morning with Tanner McNac, thinking about how nice it was to relax and enjoy the fire in the fireplace. I said to Tanner, “Well, Buddy, I won’t be able to do this kind of thing for a long time if I start Dogville.” Tanner, of course, opened one eye and then went back to sleep.One of the things I knew would be a sacrifice were the holidays. I had to stop and think about how the holidays would be forever changed for me and for my husband if we became the caretakers for beloved dogs with so many people traveling and spending time with family. Would people be willing to let us care for their furry family members? Would I be able to find the right people to help with this vision?So here we are, our first Thanksgiving at Dogville and we are filled to overflowing with fur kids—big and small, long and short haired, every breed imaginable. It is the best feeling in the world to be able to care for these dogs—to see their furry faces and wagging tails and know how much they are loved, just like my own dogs. Thank you for trusting me and our staff with your dogs—we know that trust is a gift and we will do our best never to take it for granted.Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Dogville Daycare & Boarding!/dtm