Summer for many of us is a great time to go camping. Of course, our beloved dogs love the great outdoors and sleeping under the stars as well. Today we want to bring your attention to an article titled “CAMPING WITH PETS” written by Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM. Janet writes:

“Summer is here, and for some people, that means dusting off the camping gear! The fresh air, recreational activities, camp food, campfire, and some well-deserved relaxation are all part of camping. Unfortunately, insect bites, burned or soggy camp food, lumpy beds, and bad weather conditions may also be part of the camping experience.

Some camping experiences, like a soggy campground, are just part of camping. Emergencies and accidents should not be considered routine camping. The purpose of this article is to learn how to avoid (or at least minimize) accident and emergency situations while camping.”

The article goes on to discuss first aid, fitness and camp nutrition, as well as a few other miscellaneious cautions. PLEASE READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE to see how you can ensure a safe and fun time while camping with the whole family. The fur-kids will appreciate it!