Today we wanted to highlight “DO PETS GET DEPRESSED” by Dr. Marty Becker for He starts off by saying …

As our dogs and cats have migrated from the barnyard to the backyard to the kitchen to the bed, we veterinarians have noticed that sometimes the concerns of our clients seem to be more human in nature when talking about our four-legged family members.

Before, when someone said to me that a dog or cat was “depressed,” I’d figure they meant he was lethargic, one of the many vague symptoms of what we veterinarians call the ADR (“Ain’t Doing Right”) pet. But now, chances are decent they’re talking about the possibility of a mental illness and are worried that their pet may be clinically depressed.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE where Dr. Becker answers the question, “Can Pets Really Be Depressed?” and explains how “Stress Can Be a Real Problem.”

We know when something is “not right” with our pets and regardless of an official diagnosis of depression, we can help them as best we can.