It appears that even our fur-kids love to feast! From, “DOES YOUR CAT OR DOG NEED TO GO ON A DIET?“:

“APOP collected data from Banfield Pet Hospital, a large nationwide chain of veterinary clinics, and found that 56 percent of dogs and 53 percent of cats are either overweight or obese. An obese pet is defined as being 30 percent heavier than its ideal weight, and in their survey, the doctors found that in 21 percent of dogs and 22 percent of cats. For dogs, that’s a pretty significant jump from 2007, when just 10 percent of canines were considered obese. No cats, and less than 1 percent of dogs, were found to be underweight.

So what’s causing our pooches to get pudgy and cats to get fatter? The same thing that’s affecting us humans: bad food and no exercise, says Dr. Ward. And he points the finger at pet food manufacturers. “In terms of caloric density, our pets are eating more calories per volume than ever before,” says Dr. Ward, who’s also author of the book CHOW HOUNDS: WHY OUR DOGS ARE GETTING FATTER. He adds that, just like people-food manufacturers, pet-food companies are pumping foods, in particular pet treats, full of SUGAR, which dogs love. “Dogs love sweet things, they gravitate towards sweet things, so these companies add more sugar to them.” APOP analyzed popular dog treats a few years ago and found that sugar was nearly always listed as one of the top three ingredients.”

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