Food nutrition labels can read like a foreign language, but it is important to know exactly what we are feeding ourselves and our pets. From the article HOW TO READ A DOG FOOD LABEL:

“The dog food nutrition label, like the nutrition facts box on packaged foods for people, is designed to help you compare products and to learn more about the food. But it can be a bit hard to decipher. We’ve put together a guide to the label to help you understand how to use it.”

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1. How do I read the dog food ingredient list?
2. What are byproducts, and should I avoid dog goods that contain them?
3. What are all those chemical-sounding names lower on the indredient list?
4. How can I make sure the good meets my dog’s needs?
5. What is the guarenteed analysis?
6. What do “natural” and “holistic” labels mean?
7. What is organize pet food?

Learning about what’s best for your pet’s diet will help them lead a happier and healthier life!