I am so excited about our very first holiday event next week! On Wednesday night, October 30th, Dogville is going to be transformed into a “mini-mall” for canine trick-or-treaters! We are inviting businesses and non-profits to come and borrow a Dogville suite so they can hand out dog treats to our canine guests. We decided that since there are tons of events out there for children that trick or treat, there should be a Paw-ty for dogs, too! Be thinking about a costume for your furry friend and please come and join us! The Paw-ty starts at 6 p.m. and wraps up around 9. No cats allowed!!Speaking of treats, it’s important this time of year to make sure your human kids are careful not to share their treats with your fur-kids. Dogs are fascinated by all the smells and wrapper noises that go along with candy and that can mean a trip to the emergency clinic if you dog gets into the Halloween candy stash. Chocolate is harmful to dogs and any kind of candy in large quantities can induce a bout of gastroenteritis. In plain English, unless you want to spend some time cleaning up a stinky mess AND spending the extra funds for a trip to the vet, make sure that candy is somewhere out of Fido or Fluffy’s reach. Buy some extra treats for your dog so they’re not left out of the fun of Halloween.See you at the Howl-o-ween Paw-ty!!/dtm