Today’s article highlight explains the importance of pre-screening our pet’s health. From “SCREENING TESTS FOR PETS UNCOVER HIDDEN CONDITIONS EARLY“:

“From an evolutionary perspective, showing illness or weakness can be detrimental, so over time animals instinctively have hidden illness. Veterinarians are trained to pick up subtle cues that something is not right with your , but cannot learn everything through senses alone.

 should be performed by a veterinarian at least yearly. For older animals, twice a year is better. During the exam, you might hear terms such as “FeLV/FIV,” “fecal,” “chem panel,” “CBC” or “UA.”

What do these abbreviations and acronyms mean? Veterinary medicine uses abbreviations and slang for many recommended tests. You may wonder what these tests are, and why your veterinarian considers them important – especially if your pet seems perfectly fine.”

Read more of the article and the specific tests it recommends at: HTTP://PHYS.ORG/NEWS/2015-02-SCREENING-PETS-UNCOVER-HIDDEN-CONDITIONS.HTML#JCP