Dear Dogville Family—

Due to the unusually wet weather this year, we are seeing more and more dogs come in with fleas. In order to prevent the establishment of fleas in our buildings or in our back yard, we will be checking every dog that comes to daycare or boarding for fleas with a flea comb. If we find fleas or the presence of flea excrement, we will take a photograph and call you. If we cannot reach you by phone or text quickly, we will have no choice but to administer a product called Capstar to kill the fleas present on your dog. Capstar is the safest flea product on the market and can be used for young puppies, but it only kills the adult fleas that are already on your dog. It is not a preventative and it only comes in pill form. There is an additional charge for this product and it will be added to your bill. In the event that there are enough fleas to warrant a flea bath in addition to the Capstar, we will also use a natural, non-pesticide shampoo to bathe your dog with an additional charge for a bath. If your dog is highly allergic to shampoos or you are uncomfortable with this policy, please check your dog for fleas thoroughly before bringing them to Dogville. We will always try to call you before treating in the event you would rather pick up your dog.

Please understand that we rarely see fleas at Dogville and we know that most owners are very careful about monitoring their dogs for fleas. This year appears to contain a “perfect storm” of weather for them to proliferate, so many owners may be unaware of the presence of fleas on their dog coming to Dogville.

Delana and the Dogville Team—

Delana Taylor McNac, Owner/Manager
Dogville Daycare & Boarding
9525 E. 47th Place
Tulsa, OK 74145
(918) 949-6070