Thanksgiving is for family, and our fur-kids are family …right? Absolutely! However, read this article before allowing your dog to claim their spot at the dinner table. From THANKSGIVING CAN BE A CHALLENGING HOLIDAY FOR YOUR PET, ESPECIALLY DOGS by Joey Kennedy:

“Hard to beat the good kitchen smells on Thanksgiving. And if it smells that good to us, imagine what the family dog, with its much more acute sniffer, is thinking.

As good as the food is, though, it’s not for the dog. Indeed, some Thanksgiving foods can be very harmful, said Dr. Miranda Trammell, co-owner of Mercy Animal Hospital in Gardendale.

“Anytime there’s a big holiday that involves a lot of people gathering, we seem to see a lot of GI (gastrointestinal) stuff,” Trammell said. Little Mary slips Rover some turkey skin under the table. Pawpaw drops a turkey bone for Fido. While everybody is feasting in the dining room, the garbage can is left unattended in the kitchen.

As good as Thanksgiving smells and as thankful as we all should be, it can be a  dangerous day for the family pet.

Trammell is pretty clear about her recommendation: Give the dog nothing from the table …”

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE AND DR. TRAMMELL’S REASONING for why it is important to include your pet’s welfare in the Thanksgiving planning.