Dr. Darren Woodson and his dog Luna.

The more you know the better prepared you will be to notice if your beloved fur kids are starting to need some medical attention. Here is a great article by Dr. Darren Woodson titled, “THE SUBTLE SIGNS OF ILLNESS IN YOUR PET.” From the article:

“One of the most common reasons people take their pets to the veterinarian is for skin problems. Now, it’s true that skin problems are not uncommon, but it’s also true that they’re often pretty obvious. When your cat is itching, the symptoms can be pretty hard to miss.

This is not so for metabolic diseases. While the skin is one organ you can see functioning, inside of your pet is an astonishingly beautiful, intricate and complicated system that works together to bring in fuel, turn it into usable forms and eliminate what can’t be used, over and over with every breath and every heartbeat. Awake or asleep, or on the run, the body is always working. And when things start to malfunction, it’s not always obvious.

While the symptoms of metabolic disease may be subtle, they’re there if you keep your eyes open for changes. While a definitive diagnosis for these health issues will require a visit to your veterinarian, the first line of defense is always you. Many metabolic diseases can be treated, or at least managed, and the sooner they’re caught the better it will be for your pet — and sometimes your bank balance.

Check in with your veterinarian when you observe any of the following symptoms, and listen to your gut when it comes to the “Ain’t Doing Right” pet as well.”

CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE where Dr. Woodson goes on to discuss weight changes, changes in activity levels, changes in appetite, drinking, and elimination as well as skin and coat condition.

Picture Credit: DAILY TIMES