So, almost every day, the Dogville staff and I do things routinely that make each dog’s stay with us a little better. These are small things, but they make a big difference. I think it’s time to let you know the lengths we go to for our beloved guests. I’m going to start sharing some of the details with you today.

Reason #1–Daily Boarding Rounds

Each morning, I (Delana) walk through the boarding building with one or more staff members, checking to see who our guests are and how they are doing during their stay. We keep daily records on each room door (no cages at Dogville) and our Pet Care Specialists write down the percent a dog has eaten each meal, record each time they’ve been out (every two-three hours during the day) and notes the urine and stool output for each dog. Staff members have the opportunity to visit with me about each dog and let me know any concerns they have about anything from behavior to physical lumps and bumps or gait abnormalities. Today, we have two new dogs staying with us that aren’t eating as well as they should. A little time with each dog showed that they ate better with human company and the smaller dog is uncomfortable eating out of a stainless steel bowl because her tag clanks against it. We will start feeding them on plates, and sitting with them while they eat. Another guest has medication for arthritis if needed. Today, she is a little stiff in one of her back legs, so I make a note to start her on those meds this morning and monitor her for pain.