I love the relationship we have at Dogville with the veterinarians in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Some of them are classmates and friends of mind, but all of them are professionals that I relate to and respect. Their primary focus, and rightly so, is caring for the sick and injured animals that come into their business. The truth is, most veterinarians see boarding or daycare as a secondary income stream to their medical or surgical practice. At Dogville, we are all about boarding and daycare. We focus on ensuring that your dog is given individual attention with consistent, quality care. We believe in the accurate and timely administration of medications, attention to feeding routines and schedules and detailed monitoring of their eating habits and daily bodily functions. Pet care specialists and daycare leaders at Dogville are taught the basics of a general physical exam, so we can detect anything out of the ordinary as we interact with them on a daily basis. Because staff members are on site 24 hours a day, we get to know the dogs personally, learn their likes and dislikes and observe their normal behavior and eating habits.

As a retired veterinarian, I am onsite and hands-on as the owner and manager. If your dog needs a medication adjustment or shows any signs of illness or discomfort, I will contact you personally to make you aware of the situation and contact your veterinarian with your permission. We even transport dogs to veterinary appointments when needed or pick up medication during their stay. Last, but certainly not least, if you have a problem with our services or a question about your dog’s stay, you are welcome to contact me directly so I can address your concerns.

Believe me; I love what I do, and I love our clients and the dogs that come to Dogville. Our goal is to have an ongoing relationship with you and your dog that is professional and compassionate. We want you to experience the security of knowing your dog is in good hands when you are away. If you haven’t been to Dogville, come by, meet the staff, take a tour. We would love to meet you!