While all ages and sizes of adult dogs are welcome to stay at Dogville, our specialty is the care of senior dogs and special needs dogs. We believe that a relationship with a dog is for life, so we do all we can to support people who have made that same commitment to their fur kids. We do meal preparation to an owner’s specifications; we administer medications according to the owner’s/veterinarian’s instructions and we provide a comfortable, home-like environment for our canine guests. We do everything we can to give senior dogs a loving, compassionate experience at Dogville. For example, some of our guests are arthritic or have mobility issues. At no extra charge, we provide anti-fatigue mats to add cushion and extra traction in our rooms. We also have padded slings of all sizes to assist dogs with standing or walking. Some of our guests have thunderstorm phobias or anxiety in new settings. We have thunder shirts, lavender plug-ins, fans and classical music to help these dogs feel safer at Dogville. Since a staff member is on site 24 hours a day, we can also provide hugs and company for them, too.

At Dogville, we also provide hospice care for dogs with terminal illnesses and dogs that need flexibility in their pain management due to advancing age. Under your veterinarian’s supervision, we provide advanced nursing care for dogs on chemotherapy, dogs with mobility and incontinence issues, dogs that need wound management and dogs that need 24-hour care or supervision after surgery. Diabetic dogs, Epileptic dogs, dogs with eye disease or skin disease and dogs with complicated medicine schedules are all included in our Comfort Care services.

Last, but not least, we provide emotional support for owners that are wrestling with a decision about euthanasia or are grieving the loss of a pet. We understand the bond between pets and their people and how difficult it can be to let them go. Our memorial garden at Dogville stands as a testament to the power of that bond.

Our goal at Dogville is to give you peace of mind about your dog’s care so you can take a vacation, deal with an unexpected emergency or take care of business. Please give us a call or come by for a tour.