About Us

Dogville Daycare & Boarding is co-owned and managed by Dr. Delana Taylor McNac, a veterinarian residing in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Dr. McNac is a 1985 graduate of the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine, a Board Certified Veterinary Pathologist, and a professionally trained hospice chaplain. Her love for companion animals and deep respect for the Human-Animal Bond led her to create a nationally recognized hospice program that keeps terminally ill patients and their pets together. Now retired from veterinary practice, Dr. McNac intends to devote her time to raising awareness about the special needs of senior pets and ways owners can contribute to their pet’s quality of life in later years. With an office on site, Dr. McNac is involved in the day to day management and oversight of Dogville.

About Dog Daycare

Out in the car with your dog and realize you need to go to the grocery store or mall to pick up something? Don’t risk injury or theft by leaving your dog in the car!

We offer dog daycare in both indoor and outdoor settings to give your dog a well rounded daycare experience. Our backyard play area is over a half acre in size, with plenty of room to run, chase a ball or just roll in the grass. Easy access from the BA Expressway and Hwy 169, on the way to Tulsa International Airport. Each canine guest undergoes a FREE TEMPERAMENT TEST on their first day at daycare.

Our backyard play area is over a half acre in size, with plenty of room to run, chase a ball or just roll in the grass. Easy access


About Dog Boarding

We only offer cage free dog boarding suites at Dogville. Dogs are never kept in a pet crate unless requested by the owner for the dog’s safety and security. We specialize in caring for senior dogs and special needs dogs. Dogville staff are on site 24 hours a day with boarding canine guests. Group play (providing your dog passes a TEMPERAMENT TEST) or individual exercise are included in the cost of dog boarding.

About Slumber Party Boarding

Dogs can sleep with the caregiver at night provided they are compatible with other slumber party dog boarders. Our cage free sleeping area is like a dorm room for dogs with lots of beds to choose from or you can provide your own.

About Comfort Care Daycare or Boarding

Additional level of care for dogs with physical challenges or medical conditions that need monitoring without hospitalization. Owners meet with Dr. McNac to discuss their dog’s needs and ways we can accommodate them. Staff members are on site 24 hours a day.