We offer dog day care, dog boarding with spacious suites, cage free boarding, comfort care for special needs dogs & senior dogs

Dog Daycare

Dogville Daycare & Boarding was designed with your convenience and your dog’s comfort and safety in mind. Our 4,000 square foot facility is conveniently located in Tulsa, Oklahoma one block west of Mingo Road on 47th Place with easy access to Hwy 169 and the Broken Arrow Expressway. We are located one mile from the Animal Emergency Center, should your dog ever need emergency care. We are also on the way to Tulsa International Airport from South Tulsa and Broken Arrow, making it easy to bring your dog by our dog day care center for dog boarding as you leave town. A convenient circle drive makes dropping off and picking up your dog a breeze. Indoor play areas are spacious and a half-acre “mini dog park” behind our dog day care facility allows canine guests the freedom to run and play, bask in the sun or explore the perimeter on a walking trail accompanied by a caregiver. Our goal is to give your pet a dog daycare experience they look forward to each time they visit Dogville.

Dog Boarding

At Dogville, we do everything we can to make your dog’s overnight stay with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Spacious dog boarding suites allow interaction with staff, but also provide the privacy your dog needs for eating and resting comfortably away from home. Dogs that pass an initial temperament test have access to doggy daycare for socializing and play during the day, with a quiet place to rest at night. Dogs that prefer their own space are exercised individually by Dogville staff members in lieu of group play. We are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and nightly bed checks are a routine part of our dog boarding care. Want to say goodnight to your dog? We can arrange that, too. You can rest easy knowing that your dog is in capable hands at Dogville.

Cage Free Boarding

At Dogville, we believe that cages are meant for short term use. None of our canine guests sleep in cages or crates unless they prefer those surroundings. While our dog boarding suites are roomy and comfortable, there are some dogs that just prefer sleeping in the presence of human companionship.

For that reason, we also offer cage free boarding with friends as a dog boarding service. Our “Slumber Party Room” has plenty of beds to choose from, with plenty of attention from our evening caregiver.

Comfort Care for Special Needs Dogs

At Dogville Daycare & Boarding, senior dogs and special needs dogs are our specialty!

Comfort Care Dog Daycare

Worried about leaving your senior or special needs dog at home all day or night while you work? Consider Comfort Care Dog Daycare as a solution. Owners are interviewed by Dr. McNac to determine the type and level of doggy daycare needed and find out what is working at home to make your dog happy and comfortable. We take this information, along with the history of physical limitations, anxiety, pain or other challenges and formulate a plan that will keep your dog comfortable and engaged during the day. For example, a Comfort Care canine guest visiting our dog day care business may enjoy spending time interacting with another dog carefully selected for compatibility. Another dog might enjoy watching group play or spending time outdoors in the spacious back yard with a caregiver. We take the time to observe your dog’s comfort level at our dog day care center and do all we can to make their experience as close to home as possible.

Is your dog recuperating from an injury, surgery or other medical condition, but doesn’t need hospitalization? We can help. Comfort Care was designed to offer the extra support and monitoring your dog’s needs when staying at our Tulsa dog boarding and dog daycare facility while you work or travel. Email or fax a copy of your veterinarian’s discharge instructions and we will be glad to monitor your dog, provide nursing care for outpatient conditions, and administer medications according to your pet’s prescription.

Comfort Care Dog Boarding

We know that owners of dogs with physical or medical limitations are apprehensive about leaving them, even for a day. We interview each owner extensively to assess the best way to meet your dog’s needs on a daily basis, so you can have peace of mind while your pet stays in our cage free dog boarding kennels when you are away. Dogs are assigned a caregiver to monitor food and water intake, urine and fecal output and medication schedules are carefully followed. Dog boarding suites are spacious and designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. With our 24 hour care, you don’t need to worry about your dog being left alone overnight or on weekends. Daily reports keep you in touch with your dog’s routine while you are away and your special companion stays at our cage free dog kennels.