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**Effective 7/15/2018, all boarding dogs will be required to be vaccinated for canine influenza with the bivalent (two strain) vaccine. The only exceptions will require your veterinarian’s written waiver for health reasons.**

A copy of your dog’s most recent vaccination record must be emailed or uploaded to us using this form, by you or your veterinarian prior to your dog’s first visit to Dogville. Our email address is INFO@DOGVILLE-DAYCARE.COM and our fax number is 918-516-0637. If you are applying online, you may upload a current copy at the end of this application. We prefer that our guests receive an intranasal bordetella vaccination every six months.

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Please note, If fleas are found on any daycare or boarding dog, a one-time dose of Capstar© will be administered at owner’s expense or a flea bath given to the dog at owner’s expense, and the dog will be isolated until fleas are no longer detected.

Previous Boarding Experience

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If yes, was that a positive experience? If not, please explain what we can do to make this a better experience for your dog.

Behavioral Questions

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Are there any toys or food items that your dog is possessive of or prefers not to share with other dogs or people? If yes, please explain.

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Are there any items that would make your dog more comfortable during their stay at Dogville? (You are welcome to bring a bed, crate, toys and treats when you check in—be sure you bring their food and medications!)

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